Rules and Ethics by the lakes

By Pute & Take Fiskeland Borris, we request that our visitors adhere to the following guidelines.

Fish Ethics

Fish is a living being to be treated with respect
Fish should not be stored in fishing nets in the lake
Immediately after being catched the fish must be killed with blows and bleeding
Caught fish shall not be discarded if it has been damaged or if it is deemed not viable
Only fishing with one hook - either as single hook or treble

Angling ethics

Pre-feeding is not allowed
Only fishing with a valid fishing license and with the number of rods that are paid for, is permitted
Only catch fish for your own use
To respect people by the lake: Fish not too close to others and think of others when you throw the line out
Dogs must be leashed and dog droppings must be removed
Clean up after yourself and use the bins
Use the cleaning place for cleaning fish
Do not leave cut fishing line and hooks in the countryside and by the lake. It is a danger to birds and other animals